8Rnd. Slugs
8Rnd. Slugs
The 8Rnd. Slugs in DayZ
Damage: 4500
Raw Damage: 9
Audible range: 90m
Rounds: 8
Converts to: 2Rnd. Slugs
Slot: Main inventory
Used in: M1014, Remington 870 (Flashlight)
Req. slots: 1

The 8Rnd. Slugs are a type of ammunition used for shotguns.

They are eight rounds of 12 gauge slugs, used in the Remington 870 (Flashlight) and M1014. They contain a single projectile which can accurately hit a target 250m away, and are powerful enough to kill a zombie with a single shot. You cannot merge depleted piles, and you cannot use the eight round magazine in the Double-barreled Shotgun. However, they can be converted into four 2Rnd. Slugs by right clicking them and choosing the split option.

If given the choice between slugs or 8Rnd. Pellets, slugs are always the better choice. Pellets are ineffective past 40m, putting the player at a significant disadvantage in many engagements. However, at closer ranges, like the insides of buildings, pellets can be used to get multiple kills or headshots with a single shot.

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