An-2 biplane
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The An-2 Biplane in DayZ.
Seats: 12
Item slots: 100
Weapon slots: 6
Backpack slots: 4
Cruise speed: 240 km/h
Fuel tank capacity: 400 L
Armament: None
Rarity: 3 per server

The An-2 biplane is a single-engine biplane in DayZ.

The An-2 biplane has a cruise speed of 240 kilometers per hour.[1]

Its fuel tank capacity is 400 liters - equal to twenty Jerry Can (20L)s or eighty Fuelcan (5L)s.[1]

The An-2 can store a huge amount of equipment with 100 item slots, six weapon slots and four backpack slots and can carry twelve people.[1]

It can be found at the northwest airfield in Chernarus inside a hanger at the northern end of the airfield. Grid coordinates are 045 045.

Game historyEdit

The An-2 biplane was added in the update.[2]

Real lifeEdit

The An-2 biplane is modeled after the real life Antonov An-2. It is single-engine biplane for utility and agricultural use that was designed in the USSR in 1946. Its NATO reporting name is Colt.

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Another source states conflicting information. It states that the actual top speed of the biplane is 258 km/h, its fuel tank is 1,000 liters, it has sixteen seats, eighty item slots, ten weapon slots and fifteen backpack slots.[3]

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