Backpack (coyote)
Backpack (coyote)
The Backpack (coyote) found in DayZ
Slot: Backpack
Item Slots: 24
Weapon Slots: 2

The Backpack (coyote) is a 24-slot backpack, and is the largest backpack currently available in DayZ.

The Backpack (coyote) is a very rare backpack that has a 0.41% chance of spawning in Military Barracks only.

Due to the similar name, new players often confuse it with the Patrol Pack (coyote).

Important notesEdit

  • Picking up a new backpack can cause the player's existing backpack to disappear rather than being properly dropped on the ground, losing all of the items that were in it. This however, does not always occur, in older version of DayZ this may occur, or it may be an occasional glitch. Drop the current backpack first, then pick up the new backpack and loot the contents of the old one.
  • Attempting to place a large item in any storage space (including a backpack) that does not have enough free slots can result in the item being destroyed. In the most common case of storing a primary weapon in a backpack, make sure at least ten slots are free and five slots for sidearms.

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