Balota Aerial-South DayZ-Wiki

Balota viewed from the north.

Balota (Cyrillic: Балота) is a coastal town in Chernarus that is east of Komarovo and far west of Chernogorsk.

The coastal town of Balota is a small town with a harbor, a small Military camp/outpost and a small air strip with two hangars and an Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC Tower) that spawn Military loot.

Like most other coastal locations Balota is quite frequented. Balota hosts the southern Airstrip and has a military camp on the east entrance with four guard towers.

Buildings of interestEdit

  • An Air Control Tower at the end of the dirt road to the air strip.
  • Two Hangars near the ATC tower.
  • A Harbor Warehouse to the south of the town.
  • A Military Camp/Outpost to the south-east between the highway and rail line.


The guard towers of the military camp have military weapon spawns, as well as the hangars and control tower of the airfield, so they can be a fast way to get some punch into the hand of a new player.

Balota Airstrip is often very busy due to newly spawned players running here with the 'nothing to lose' attitude.

A UAZ and Sedan spawn behind the Military hangers and Industrial sheds.