This page covers the mod version of DayZ. For the standalone, see Baseball Bat.
Baseball Bat
Baseball Bat
The Baseball Bat in DayZ.
Damage: 889 Blood
Raw Damage: 4
Effective Range: 1m
Rounds: N/A
Fire Modes: N/A
Slot: Primary
Magazines: N/A

The Baseball Bat is a melee weapon that was introduced in the 1.7.7 update for DayZ.

The Baseball Bat does less damage than the Hatchet, but is just as quiet. This makes the Baseball Bat useful for silently killing zombies until a better weapon is found.

Due to the reduced damage compared to the Hatchet, it will take about four hits to kill a normal zombie and viral zombies require many more hits to kill.

The Baseball Bat is an uncommon weapon that has a 1.45% chance of spawning in Residential loot spawns, and certain Industrial and Military spawns. The spawn chance is equal to 29 out of 2 000.

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