Bear trap
Bear Trap
The bear trap found in DayZ.
Slot: Main inventory
Required slots: 1
Purpose: • Anti-personnel trap
Rarity: 0.88% and 0.70%
Location(s): Deer stands and farm spawns
"A device to remotely catch an animal or injure a human."
— In-game description

A bear trap is a type of trap that, when triggered, will break the leg of any player or zombie that steps on one in DayZ.

Bear traps can be picked back up if they have not been triggered, allowing them to be moved or cleared. A bear trap occupies one main inventory slot. One common issue with bear traps is that they are known to disappear, but can still be triggered if a player happens to step where it was originally placed.

As the possibility of survivor stepping on a trap out in the open is extremely low due to the size of the map, it is recommended to put traps in high traffic bottlenecks like around building doorways and ladders. In addition to being used against players, they can also be used on animals to silently kill them for raw meat.

Bear traps are rare construction items that have 0.88% chance of spawning in deer stands and a 0.70% chance of spawning in Farm loot spawns.[1] The spawn chances are equal to 11 out of 1,250 and 7 out 1,000.


After the 1.8 update, the crafting system allows players to combine bear traps with road flares or smoke grenades. Stepping on a crafted bear trap will break the victim's leg and trigger the flare or smoke grenade.[2]

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