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Northern Berezino viewed from the north-west.

Berezino (Cyrillic: Березино) is a coastal city on the eastern side of Chernarus that is north of Nizhnoye, far east of Dubrovka and south of Khelm.

The city of Berezino contains a considerable amount of Residential, Industrial loot spawns and some medium sized Farm loot spawns. It has two Supermarkets, a Hospital, a Water Pump, ten Fuel Tanks, three Deer Stands, a non-enterable Church, a S1203 Van, Offroad and Motorcycle spawns.

The high way on the eastern side of the city ends at the north end of the city and heads south along the coast past Nizhnoye. There are several main roads that connect the city which head south to Orlovets and west to several more towns. A road heads north-west to Khelm and another west to Dubrovka.

Places of interestEdit

  • Hospital, Water Pump, Supermarket, Motorcycle, Offroad Truck, Fuel Tank and large Residential building at the south-western end of the city.
  • Several medium Residential loot spawns and Supermarket north-east of the Hospital but before the military tents and Lumber Mill.
  • Military tents west of the Lumber Mill.
  • Fuel Tank, large Residential and medium Farm loot spawn at the Lumber Mill south of the Industrial area and east near the coast.
  • Several Industrial warehouses on the north-eastern side near the water.
  • Deer Stand between Lumber Mill, rail line and Farm buildings near the Hospital at grid coordinates 124 060.

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