The Bicycle found in DayZ
On-road Speed: 50 KM/H
Off-road Speed: 44 KM/H
Seats: 1

The Bicycle is a single seat vehicle commonly found in large cities in DayZ.

Unlike most vehicles, it does not need to be repaired before it can be used.

Despite not using an engine (which also means it does not require any fuel), bicycles can go quite fast.


To completely repair (Green status) a broken (Red status) Bicycle the player will need:

Part Amount
Scrap Metal 1
Car Wheel 2




The Russian bicycle V-128 "Druzhba" (rus. В-128 "Дружба", translates as "Friendship") may have served as a prototype for the vehicle from DayZ Mod. It was based on another Russian bike called "Ural" famous for its durability and reliability. "Druzhba" was produced by the Minsk Motorcycle and Bicycle Plant (MMVZ, then Motovelo). Nowadays these bikes can be still seen in the countryside of the former USSR.

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