Bizon PP-19 SD
Bizon PP-19 SD
The Bizon PP-19 SD found in DayZ
Damage: 889 Blood
Raw Damage: 4
Audible Range: 0.1m
Effective Range: 100m
Rounds: 64
Fire Modes: Single, Full Auto
Slot: Primary
Magazines: Bizon SD Mag.
"Silenced Submachine gun
Caliber: 9x18mm
— In-game description

The Bizon PP-19 SD is a submachine gun found only in Helicopter Crash Sites in DayZ.

This weapon is chambered in the 9x18mm Makarov cartridge, and fires a subsonic version of this ammunition. Despite utilizing the same ammunition as the Makarov SD, the ammunition cannot be converted. Russian in origin, this weapon is based on and has 60% parts commonality with the AKS-74 assault rifle.

It has a large magazine containing 64 rounds, but as they can be found only in helicopter crash sites, finding them is very rare.

This weapon is often used as a throwaway weapon due to the rare magazines and high rate of fire, making it useful for only as long as the Ammunition found with it lasts.

The Bizon PP-19 SD is silent, with its sound resembling the M4A1 CCO SD's sound, but its iron sight makes aiming much more difficult compared to the M4A1 CCO SD.

It also has a very bright muzzle flash, similar to unsilenced weapons, giving away the shooter's position at night. This disadvantage is counteracted by the surprisingly low recoil, allowing the shooter to take more shots before having to compensate. That low recoil is very useful, because the low damage of the Bizon means it takes a lot of bullets to kill a target, barring any headshots which are always instant kills.

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