Blood is essentially the health of the player. Blood begins at 12,000 for a freshly spawned player. If the player's blood reaches 0, they will die.

Blood levelsEdit

As blood decreases, color saturation starts to drain from the player's screen. Complete saturation loss usually occurs around 4000 to 3000 blood. At this point the character will occasionally shake, and a heart beat can be heard. Audio in the world becomes muted. At less than 5000, the player will start to randomly fall Unconscious. At a blood level of 0 or below, the player is dead.

  • 12000 - Max Blood
  • < 9000 - Susceptible to "one shot Knock out" from zombies
  • < 8000 - Colour and sound begin to fade
  • < 5000 - May fall Unconscious
  • < 4000 - Black and white screen, loss of much hearing capability
  • 0 - Player Dead

Regaining bloodEdit

To regain blood you can either eat Food or use Blood Bags. Blood bags are the most effective form of treatment, but must be administered by another player with the action menu. Cooked Meat replenishes blood faster than canned food.

  • Canned Goods increase blood count by 200.
  • Cooked Meat increases blood count by 800.
  • Blood Bags restore the players blood to the maximum of 12,000.


Bleeding is an effect from ArmA 2. Bleeding needs to be stopped with a Bandage, or it will cause the player to fall Unconscious and eventually die.

Hunger and thirstEdit

If the player becomes too Hungry or Thirsty then their blood will begin to drain at a rate of 20 units per second. This will continue to the point at which the player dies. The HUD will provide a flashing indicator if the player is dying of hunger or thirst.

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