Bor Aerial

Bor viewed from the north-east.

Bor (Cyrillic: Бор) is an inland village in Chernarus that is south of Drozhino, far north of Komarovo and west-south-west of Windy Mountain.

The small village of Bor has several low-yield Residential and Industrial loot spawns, a low-yield Farm spawn, a water pump and a bicycle spawn. There are three deer stands to the south-west of the village.[1]

A road passes through the village and downgrades to a dirt track that heads east then north around Windy Mountain. This road also heads south of Bor then west to a main road that leads to Pavlovo and Komarovo. Two dirt roads head west then north at the south of Bor and one heads into Drozhino.

The primary interest of Bor to players is the water pump and the lack of player traffic, unlike larger towns.

Places of interestEdit

  • A water pump at the center of the village.
  • A Bicycle spawn just to the north-west of the water pump.
  • Three deer stands to the south-west of the town. First one is to the south-south-west of the bicycle spawn and north of the dirt road at grid co-ordinates 030 114. The second deer stand is located between the dirt road-road and road-road intersection to the south of Bor at grid co-ordinates 032 117. The third is to the west of the previous deer stand at grid co-ordinates 029 117.


The Russian to English translation of "Бор" is "Boron."[2]

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