Camo clothing

Camo Clothing
The Camo Clothing found in DayZ

Slot: Main inventory
"A mixture of camoflage trousers with a brown t-shirt and no hat. Can be unpacked and worn."
— In-game description

Camo Clothing, or Camouflage Clothing, is clothing that is made to resemble the green colors of a forest area.

Camo Clothing gives the player a basic camouflage set which allows them to blend in with their surroundings. This makes it a lot easier to prevent undesirable detection by other players. It does not affect Zombies detecting the player.

Camo Clothing is a rare piece of clothing that has a 0.48% chance of spawning in Residential loot spawns excluding Supermarkets and Churches.

It is worth noting that characters with very light skin tone can become slightly more visible when wearing Camouflage clothes, as Camo Clothing has very short sleeves, leaving bright skin exposed.

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