Camping tent
Camping Tent
The camping tent found in DayZ.
Slot: Main inventory
Item slots: 50
Weapon slots: 10
Backpack slots: 5
Required slots: 3
Purpose: • Temporary storage
Rarity: 0.61%, 1.75%, 0.89%
Location(s): Supermarkets, Deer Stands
and Castles
"A camping tent that can be pitched, allowing you extended storage safe from others."
— In-game description

The camping tent is construction equipment that allows the creation of a tent for extra storage in DayZ.

Tents are used to store items and can be placed anywhere on the map, except inside buildings. Placing a tent can be tricky - try slowly moving the player's character to one side with the inventory open while repeatedly attempting to pitch the tent. A camping tent takes up three inventory slots.

Camping tents may be accessible via prone. This may be helpful to keeping the player warm to reduce chances of cold, infection and keeping player dry from rainy conditions.

Along with keeping a player warm by laying inside by proning, resting will regenerate your blood level at a generous rate while having the chances of curing your sickness. Take caution of zombies and hostile survivors while you're resting with animation delays.

While it might seem like a good idea to hide a tent in a tree, it can cause several problems: the tent may not be accessible, there is a high risk of injury whilst trying, and the contents could be unexpectedly wiped.

Tent capacityEdit

Tents can hold a combined total of 65 items. The idea is that they can hold a certain number of each type of item, without regard for how many slots they normally require in a player's inventory. They can hold the following:

  • 10 guns or tools
  • 50 general items
  • 5 backpacks

This means that even if all 50 item slots are available, if you have 10 guns already stored, the player cannot put any more into the tent. To work around this, additional guns and tools can be put into backpacks which can then go into the tent.

After placement, they will be saved on the server you set them up and will only appear there. In order to properly save your tent, you need to look at it and choose the "Save Camping Tent" option from the mouse wheel menu. Tents can be picked up after they are set up, but only by the person who placed it, and only on that current life. They will disappear within 7 days after death if they have not been used by then. You can still keep one though, as long as someone interacts with it within those 7 days. Tents placed outside the map border (where the grass ends) may be wiped without notice.

Important noteEdit

Tents are currently unstable and there is still a chance the player's items will be lost when the server restarts. If one disappeared from where the player placed it, it is possible that the server failed to load it due to a glitch. They can reappear after the server restarts, but the player's items may be lost. Tents can also be flattened by weapons and vehicles (including bicycles), in which case the contents will be lost.

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