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Can (Ravioli)
Can (Ravioli)
The Can (Ravioli) found in DayZ.
Slot Main inventory
Required slots 1
Blood replenished 200
Locations found Farms and Supermarkets
Rarity Uncommon
"A clean, unopened tin can of Chef Boneboy's ravioli."
— In-game description

A Can (Ravioli) is a consumable found as loot in DayZ.

A Can (Ravioli) will take up one inventory slot. Consuming a Can (Ravioli) will relieve hunger, and restore 200 blood, as will Canned Food. Consuming it leaves behind an empty tin can that can be used to boil water.

The Can (Ravioli) is an uncommon canned food that has a 0.41% chance of spawning as supermarket loot in Supermarkets and a 1.00% chance in Residential loot spawns.[1]

It is recommended that the player have at least two cans of ravioli or other food items in their inventory or backpack at any given time for sustainment, and for replenishing blood. However, cooked meat/fish and MREs will replenish a far greater amount of blood than a Can (Ravioli) or other canned foods.


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