Cap Golova - Aerial close

Cap Golova viewed from the north-east.

Cap Golova (Cyrillic: Мыс Голова) is a small mass of land extending out from Chernarus. Cap Golova is immediately south-west of Pik Kozlova, west of Elektrozavodsk, east of Chernogorsk and south-south-east of Prigorodky.

Cap Golova has two Bicycle spawns and a Fishing Boat spawn near the lighthouse and southern rocks. Another Bicycle spawn is to the east near the houses along the highway and rail way line.[1]

The small island to the south - pictured above - is a secluded spot that players may wish to exploit by hiding their loot there in Camping Tents or Stashes. A boat is needed for efficient transportation as swimming is impractically long and there may be insufficient space to safely land a helicopter.

The lighthouse has a ladder that allows players to climb to the top for a better view of the surrounding area.

Places of interestEdit

Players may be interested in the:

  • Two Bicycle spawn locations just to the north of the lighthouse at grid coordinates 083 128.
  • Fishing Boat spawn to the south of the lighthouse near the rocks at grid coordinates 083 129.
  • Bicycle spawn to the east, near the houses at grid coordinates 086 128.

Image galleryEdit


  • The Russian to English translation of "Мыс Голова" is "Cape chef."

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