Car Wheel
Car Wheel
The Car Wheel found in DayZ.
Slot Main inventory
Required slots 6
Locations found Industrial, certain Residential
Rarity Uncommon
"An old Car Wheel that could be used to repair a vehicle with a broken one."
— In-game description

The Car Wheel is a spare part for repairing the wheel of a vehicle found in DayZ.

A Car Wheel is one of the components used to repair vehicles. It takes up six inventory slots and a Toolbox is needed to be able to repair or replace a vehicle's wheel(s).

When repairing vehicles, Cars may require up to four wheels, while Motorcycles may require up to two wheels. Some large trucks, such as the Ural Civilian may require more than four wheels. The Car Wheel can fit on any and all vehicles that have wheels.

The Car Wheel is an uncommon spare part that has a 3.27% chance of spawning in Industrial, certain Residential and three medium yield Farm loot spawns.[1] The spawn chance is equal to 327 out of 10,000.

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