The map of Chernarus.

Chernarus is the region in which the mod DayZ takes place. It is a post-Soviet state in the midst of a zombie infection. The landscape is filled with large mountains and rolling plains. There are many large and small settlements around the state.


There are four major cities along the coast: Chernogorsk, Elektrozavodsk, Solnichniy, and Berezino. There are also three major inland cities: Krasnostav, Stary Sobor, and Zelenogorsk.

Along the coast, there are flat beaches but sometimes rocky peninsulas that stick out into the water. There are also more mountains and hills the more inland you go, though there are breaks in the mountains where it turns into rolling plains.

Cities and townsEdit



Key locationsEdit




  • Black Lake
  • Willow Lake
  • Prud
  • Ozerka


Other locationsEdit

Key locations within settlementsEdit

Within each town or city are various types of buildings which make them up. Most of the buildings in towns and cities can be entered to find different types of loot. These types of buildings include:

Other locationsEdit

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