Chernogorsk Church-2
A small Church in Chernogorsk.
Zombie chance: 30%
Zombie count: 1 - 3, 1 - 2
Loot chance: 30%
Loot spawns: 2, 5, 9, 12

Churches are religious buildings that can be found in some towns and cities in Chernarus.

There are five different types of churches; small non-enterable, non-enterable, non-enterable 2, ruins and enterable.


Churches commonly contain Residential loot like ammunition for low tier pistols, canned food, soda cans, some medical supplies and a variety of tools. Some of the loot that may spawn at churches include:[1]

Locations of large churchesEdit

Grid Coordinates Where in City/Town
066 130 Chernogorsk: Southern part of the city, near the water.
104 131 Elektrozavodsk: Eastern side of the city, near the Fire Station and Supermarket.
070 076 Novy Sobor: Near the four way road juncture in the middle of the city.
045 089 Pogorevka: South-east part of the city.
030 075 Pustoshka: Southern part of the city.

Locations of small churchesEdit

Grid Coordinates Where in City/Town
068 121 Chernogorsk: Northern part of the city near the bridge.
094 065 Gorka: Western part of the city along the main road.
051 067 Kabanino: South of the road fork that leads to Vybor.
100 098 Staroye: West of the main road and north of dirt track

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