Civilian clothing

Civilian Clothing
The Civilian Clothing found in DayZ

Slot: Main inventory
"A normal mixture of civilian clothing with a light-weight vest and hat. Can be unpacked and worn."
— In-game description

Civilian Clothing is clothing that resembles the casual appearance of a western civilian.

This is the basic attire a survivor begins with when they spawn as a new character. It may be looted from dead players, but it cannot found in loot piles.

To obtain a new set of clothing, it must be picked up from where another player has switched it out for another set of clothing. If the player is wearing Civilian Clothing then changes to Camo clothing, the Civilian Clothing will be placed in their inventory.

The clothing appears in different colours and is client side. This means that one player could see it as black and white, whereas the other player sees it as blue and beige.

If the player does not have the Private Military Company or British Armed Forces downloadable-content (DLC), then clothing will appear in a low-resolution version. The former DLC affects Civilian Clothing, while the latter affects the Ghillie suit and Camo clothing.

If players are already wearing Civilian Clothing and dress up in other Civilian Clothing, they will appear with black clothing (also looking black for all other players).

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