Comfrey Leaves
Comfrey Leaves
The Comfrey Leaves found in DayZ.
Slot Main inventory
Required slots 1
"Comfrey leafs [sic] used in crafting."
— In-game description

Comfrey Leaves are a crafting material used as an ingredient in various crafting recipes in DayZ. Comfrey Leaves were added in the September 1.8 update.

Comfrey Leaves can be found in open fields throughout Chernarus. They are visible from a distance when the grass has not yet been rendered.

To gather, aim the crosshairs over the plant and use the scroll menu to select "Gather Comfrey" in the action menu. Comfrey Leaves will occupy one inventory slot each.

Comfrey Leaves are used in the following crafting recipes:[1]

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