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Dolina viewed from the east.
Number of churches: 0
Deer stands: One
Fuel pumps: 0
Hospitals: 0
Water pumps: One
Supermarkets: 0
Vehicle spawns: One

Dolina (Cyrillic: Долина) is an inland village in Chernarus that is north of Msta, east of Shakhovka, south of factory and west of Solnichniy.

The village of Dolina has several Residential and Industrial spawns, a medium yield Farm loot spawn, an offroad pickup spawn and a water pump. There are two medium Farm loot spawns: one in the village and one to the south-east of the village, just south of the pond. A deer stand can be found to the north of the village near factory.[1]

The road that passes through the village heads east, eventually becoming a main road heading east into Solnichniy. The road also heads west then north to Polana.

Places of interestEdit

  • An Offroad Pickup Truck spawn is at the northern part of the village near the high yield Farm building.
  • A Water Pump is in the center of the village.
  • A medium yield Farm loot spawn is to the south-east of the village near the pond at grid coordinates 117 089.
  • A Deer Stand to the north of the village at grid coordinates 112 081.


  • The Russian to English translation of 'Долина' is 'valley.' Looking at a topographic map one can see the village lies between hills whose elevation is 100 meters or greater, thereby putting Dolina in a valley and fitting the name.

See alsoEdit


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