Drozhino - Aerial - Viewed from south
Drozhino viewed from the south.
Number of churches: 0
Deer stands: 0
Fuel pumps: 1
Hospitals: 0
Water pumps: 0
Supermarkets: 0
Vehicle spawns: 0

Drozhino (Cyrillic: Дрожино) is an inland village in Chernarus that is east-south-east of Zelenogorsk, north of Bor and west of Kozlovka.

Kurgan hill is directly north of Drizhino, Green Mountain is to the north-north-east and Windy Mountain to the south-east.

The village of Drozhino has several low yield Residential and Industrial loot spawns, and a single medium yield Farm spawn, and a fuel tank. A few low yield loot spawns are scattered around the outskirts of the village.[1]

A road connects the village to Zelenogorsk and Kozlovka. A dirt road heads south connecting Drozhino to another road that is south of Bor. Power lines from Zelenogorsk and Chernogorsk running west and east to the south of the village.

Place of interestEdit

  • A fuel tank and a medium yield Farm loot spawn on the west side of the village.

See alsoEdit


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