Dubrovka viewed from the south.
Number of churches: 0
Deer stands: One
Fuel pumps: 0
Hospitals: 0
Water pumps: 0
Supermarkets: 0
Vehicle spawns: 0

Dubrovka (Cyrillic: Дубровка) is a small inland town in Chernarus that is north-east of Gorka and far west of Berezino.

The town of Dubrovka has a few scattered Residential and Industrial loot spawns, some Farm loot spawns and a deer stand nearby.[1] There is a small suburb to the north of the town with sparse loot spawns.

Dubrovka is connected to Krasnostav to the north, southern Berezino to the east, Gorka to the south-west and Polana to the south via a main road. A smaller road heads out of the town and east to northern Berezino, and another road north to Novy Lug and further towns.

Places of interestEdit

The player may be interested in:

  • The two medium yield Farm loot spawns at the south-west of the town.
  • The medium yield Residential spawn at the south side of the town, near the power lines.
  • The deer stand to the west of the town, just south of the power lines.

See alsoEdit


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