Empty Tin Can
Empty Tin Can
An Empty Tin Can found in DayZ
Slot: Main inventory
"An empty tin can that no longer contains any food, or anything usable."
— In-game description

The Empty Tin Can is a trash item found that can be used as a projectile in DayZ.

An Empty Tin Can is a throwable item found at almost every loot spawn location with an 11.11% chance of spawning.

A Tin Can is created when a player eats a Canned Food item.

Selecting the Tin Can (throw) (or any throwable item) and "firing" it will throw it just as one would throw a grenade, with distance determined by angle of throw and how long the fire key is held down.

The sound of a thrown Tin Can hitting the ground or an object can attract the attention of nearby zombies, who will investigate the noise. Tin cans could be used to attract zombies to another player, or away from the player.

The best uses of these objects is to smash the large windows of Hospitals to gain access to its medical loot or as a material to boil water in conjunction with a Fireplace or Oil Barrel and a full Water Bottle.

Throwing Tin Cans or other similar objects at players or Zombies does very little amounts of damage. It is feasible to kill Zombies with several cans to the head for example inside a factory hall where the Zombies provide a slow moving target.


  • Smashing windows
  • Distracting players or zombies
  • Boil water in conjunction with a Fireplace or Oil Barrel and a full Water Bottle

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