The Epi-Pen found in DayZ.

Slot: Main inventory
"Epinephrine Autoinjector. Used for intramuscular injection to revive unconscious casualties."
— In-game description

The Epi-Pen is a medical item commonly found in Hospitals that is used to bring a player out of unconsciousness in DayZ.

The Epi-Pen is the only item that can instantly force a player out of unconsciousness and does this by administering epinephrine (adrenaline) into the player's muscles. The only other way for a player to awaken from unconsciousness is time.

Players travelling in groups of two or more may wish to have at least one player with one Epi-Pen in their inventory for use if a group member falls into unconsciousness from an attack.

The Epi-Pen, like the Blood Bag, can only be administered by another player. This is because a player unconscious cannot administer it on themselves. It is unknown if administering an Epi-Pen on another player will reward any humanity points.

The Epi-Pen is a common medical item that has a 14.29% chance of spawning in Hospitals. A Cardboard Box (Medical) contains five Epi-Pens, among other medical items, and has a 0.99% chance of spawning. A single Epi-Pen occupies one inventory slot.

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