Estimating Position answers the question of "Where am I?," preferable with coordinates that can be communicated or memorized if necessary. All the following methods can be applied in real life (though of course not always giving GPS coordinates since your map may differ).

If the player has a GPS they can open it on the screen using default bindings Ctrl + M, and then read off the coordinates displayed.

If the player has only a Map and is at noticeable location that can be read off of the Map, they can open the Map and zoom in until the three grid coordinates appear on each axis (E.g. 123 by 321). Place the cursor over the player's position and refer to the grid coordinates. If the player does not know their location at all, than they will also need a Compass.

If the player owns a Map and Compass, Triangulation can be used to find out where they are located. Firstly, locate at least two distinguishable landmarks somewhat far apart in the player's field of view (FOV). For example one could use a factory tower, a specific building, a lake or a hill. Look directly at landmark "A" and open the map by pressing M (default key binding). One may notice that the compass displayed on the Map has its needle pointing north and the base pointing in the direction the player was looking at. Now locate landmark A and draw a line parallel to the compass. Do the same for landmark "B". Where the two lines intersect, that is where the player is located.

If no two distinct landmarks are available you're not always out of luck yet. Sometimes for example you can find a road crossing and use that together with Map and Compass. Take note in which direction the roads leave the crossing. Take note of surrounding terrain - are there trees, is there a hill? In which directions? Then look at the map and try finding a crossing that meets all the criteria. More likely than not you're there. Keep this information in mind. Be creative in applying all this!

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