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Fishing pole
Fishing Pole - Weapon
The fishing pole found in DayZ.
Damage: 2722 blood
Raw Damage: 7
Effective Range: 1m
Slot: Primary, Tool
"This carbon fiber rod may be old but she still works like a charm."
— In-game description

The fishing pole is a melee weapon and tool used to catch fish in DayZ.

The fishing pole is used to catch fish so they may be eaten for sustenance. The type of fish caught depends on the length of a Survivor's cast; for instance, a 37-yard cast only yields Trout, while a 60+ yard cast offers the chance of catching valuable Tuna. Fishing is only possible in the sea. In addition, it is possible to fish while on a boat, which increases the chance of successful casts.

The fishing pole may also be used as a melee weapon, delivering 2722 blood in damage. It has an effective range of 1 meter and can be heard by zombies up to 2.2 meters.

The fishing pole can be placed in the tool slot and moved into the primary weapon slot as needed.

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