The Flashlight found in DayZ
Slot: Sidearm, Tool

The Flashlight is a tool and sidearm used in DayZ as a light source.

The Flashlight creates a cone of white light in front of the user to aid navigating at night.

The Flashlight is a common Residential/Civilian spawn and is generally not looted unless the player did not spawn with a Flashlight or has lost their Flashlight.

The Flashlight takes up a tool slot when not in use and when equipped occupies the sidearm weapon slot (changed via right-click menu). If a sidearm is already equipped, it must first be dropped or placed in the player's backpack. Once equipped, the Flashlight can be toggled on and off with the default 'L' key, though it is only effective at night and will not work in daylight.

Caution should be employed when using the Flashlight as it can easily reveal the player's location to other survivors. Zombies do not react to the light. As ray scattering is disabled in DayZ, light will pass through solid object like walls, this can further increase the chance of another player detecting the player.

There are three Weapons with a flashlight as an attachment:

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