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A Fuel Tank in DayZ.

A Fuel Tank, or Fuel Pump, is an object used to store fuel for vehicles in DayZ.

Fuel Tanks can be found throughout Chernarus and are most likely to be found either at gas stations, or at medium and large Industrial areas. These can be at airfields or large towns and cities, such as the North-West AirField (NWAF) and Chernogorsk.

A Jerry Can (20L) or Fuelcan (5L) is needed to transfer fuel from the Fuel Tank to a vehicle. Fuel Tanks hold an unlimited amount of fuel.

Fuel Tank locationsEdit

Fuel Tanks can be found at the following grid coordinates (incomplete):

Grid Coordinates Directions from Nearby Landmark
016 102 Far west of Zelenogorsk
018 131 In Kamenka
021 106 South-west of Zelenogorsk, near the main road
022 101 West of Zelenogorsk
025 097 North part of Zelenogorsk, at a gas station
027 053 In Lopatino
028 054 In Lopatino
028 056 South-eastern Lopatino


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