The GAZ found in DayZ
On-road Speed: 104 KM/H
Off-road Speed: 27 KM/H
Fuel Capacity: 100L
Seats: 4
Item Slots: 50
Weapon Slots: 10
Backpack Slots: 2

The GAZ is a small, four door sedan. It can hold four survivors, and is usually used in basic convoys and is very popular with small groups of basic survivors. The GAZ is not an offroad car. It goes very slow when offroading on medium/rough terrain.


To completely repair (Green status) a broken (Red status) GAZ the player will need:

Part Amount
Engine Parts 1
Fueltank Parts 1
Scrap Metal 1
Car Wheel 4
Windscreen Glass 4

Real lifeEdit

The GAZ is based on the Russian GAZ Volga 24, manufactured by the Gorki Automobile Plant

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