Ghillie suit

Ghillie Suit
The Ghillie Suit found in DayZ

Slot: Main inventory
"A type of camouflage clothing designed to resemble heavy foliage. Can be unpacked and worn."
— In-game description

The Ghillie Suit is a thick, bushy piece of clothing used to conceal a player in foliage.

The Ghillie Suit is the most sought after clothing in the game as it not only provides excellent camouflage, but also hides the survivor's backpack. While the ghillie suit provides great camouflage for the wilderness (which Chernarus is mostly comprised of), it can potentially be more obvious in urban areas.

The Ghillie Suit is a rare piece of clothing that has a 0.48% chance of spawning in Residential loot spawns excluding supermarkets and churches and can also be found at helicopter crash sites.

With a ghillie suit, the player's weapon often stands out and it may be worth acquiring a camouflaged weapon such as the M4A3 CCO, M4A1 CCO SD, M4A1 Holo, SVD Camo, or M40A3.

Important notes:

  • Female characters cannot wear the ghillie suit due to a bug.
  • Ghillie suits and Camo Clothing were removed in the patch, but were re-added in
  • Putting on a Ghillie suit or Camo Clothing is known to glitch and change the player's backpack for an old one or an empty version of what they currently have. It is advised the player removes their backpack before placing the suit on, this will place a bugged bag on the player's back which they will have to take off before they can pick up loot.

Usage tips:

  • Camouflage tends to work best when the player is not in motion, so it may be preferable to use the Free Look key ("Alt" by default) to look around as this moves only the character's head leaving the body stationary and hidden.
  • While the camouflage is decent even under sunlight, shadows can make the difference between being noticed and remaining undetected.

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