Green-Mountain Aerial East-to-West DayZ-Wiki

Green Mountain viewed from the east.

Green Mountain (Cyrillic: Зеленая Гора) is a large hill to the north-east of Zelenogorsk and to the south-west of Pogorevka in Chernarus.

Green Mountain has a few low yield Military loot spawns and several Industrial spawns, and two Offroads, an ATV and a UAZ vehicle spawn. Three Deer Stands are to the east, north and far north-west of the peak of the mountain.

A dirt track passes over the mountain and leads south to a main road to Pogorevka and Zelenogorsk, or north to a dirt road to Pass Sosnovy.

Green Mountain is notable for its massive radio tower that is easily the highest structure in Chernarus, even towering higher than the international hotel in Chernogorsk. This structure is enterable and players can climb up it quite high using the ladders.

Points of interestEdit

  • A Deer Stand to the east at grid coordinates 040 093.
  • A Deer Stand to the north at grid coordinates 036 090.
  • A Deer Stand to the north-west at grid coordinates 032 090.


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