The Heatpack found in DayZ.

Slot: Main inventory
"A heating pad that heats when you start the crystallisation process. Used to provide quick warmth to your body."
— In-game description

A Heatpack is a consumable item that fully and immediately replenishes a player's temperature meter upon use in DayZ.

The Heatpack is a very common medical item that has a 4.55% chance of spawning in any loot spawn including Deer Stands, Churches and Supermarkets, but not Hospitals.

It is used to fully and immediately raise a player's body temperature to normal levels. By doing so the player may prevent infection or cold.

Heatpacks are not an item that needs to be carried unless the player is going for a swim to an island on a rainy night. It is recommended they have a Heatpack in their inventory as being in water and rainy/cold weather reduces body temperature rapidly.

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