Humanity is an in-game statistic that determines whether a player is a survivor, a bandit, or a hero, as well as being a general indicator of how well a player interacts with others. A player starts off with a humanity of 2500. A humanity of at least 5,000 will give a player the hero skin. Conversely, humanity of 0 or below will give a player the bandit skin. A player will gain humanity upon administering medical supplies to another player, and will lose humanity by injuring or killing survivors or heroes. 

Gaining humanityEdit

There are several ways to gain humanity in DayZ. The primary method by which players gain humanity is through administering medical supplies to other players that need treatment. An example would be bandaging a bleeding player. If a player's humanity drops below 2,500, it will be replenished at a rate of approximately 30 points per minute until the player's humanity is restored to at least 2,500. Neither bandits nor zombies yield humanity points when killed.

Healing othersEdit

  • 20 humanity points will be received for using a bandage to stop another player's bleeding.
  • 20 humanity points will be received for using painkillers to relieve another player's pain.
  • 20 humanity points will be received for using antibiotics to cure another player's infection.
  • 50 humanity points will be received for using morphine auto-injector to heal another player's broken bones.
  • Up to 200 humanity points will be received for using a blood bag to give another player a blood transfusion. The lower the blood level of the recipient, the more humanity is gained for the player administering the transfusion.

Losing humanityEdit

A player will lose humanity points when injuring or killing survivors or heroes. Humanity loss when killing a survivor is based on the number of projectiles or explosions that hit and the amount of humanity that the player had upon death. The greater the humanity of the victim, the greater the humanity loss for the killer.


  • It is unclear whether administering epi-pens or heatpacks will yield humanity points. 
  • A bandit will become a survivor at 2,000 humanity. 
  • Heroes will be reverted to survivor when their humanity drops below 5,000.
  • Using pellets against another player may reduce the player's humanity substantially, due to the large amount of projectiles being fired. 


  • A bandit may sometimes appear to be a hero. The mechanics of this deception are unclear. Source: Reddit - Dont trust the hero skin
  • There is currently a bug in which humanity may be reset upon switching clothing (which the player can fix by disconnecting and reconnecting to the server.)
  • There is a bug where the player's backpack will be reset to the starter Patrol Pack (coyote) when the player changes skin.