Jerry Can (20L)
Jerry Can
The Jerry Can (20L) in DayZ
Slot: Main Inventory
Fuel Capacity: 20L
Req. Slots 3
"20 litre Jerry Can that can be used for refuelling vehicles and powering generators."
— In-game description

The Jerry Can (20L) is used to store and carry fuel for vehicles. 

Jerry Cans are used to fuel vehicles and take up three inventory slots. The player can fill them at Fuel Tanks scattered around Chernarus by approaching a Fuel Tank and using the mouse scroll menu to select "fill Jerry Can" or similar action.

All Empty Jerry Cans in the inventory are filled simultaneously, just like Water Bottles. Jerry Cans have a 5.77% chance of spawning in Industrial or Farm loot spawns such as warehouses, factories and barns.

Jerry Cans can be set on fire by damaging them, however this only appears to work on newly spawned Jerry Cans and not ones dropped by players.

A Jerry Can has a capacity of 20 liters.

Although the in-game description of the Jerry Can suggest there is a generator in DayZ, the only use for the item is for refueling vehicles. A generator may appear in the standalone game.

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