M203 Flare Green
M203 Flare Green
The M203 Flare Green in DayZ
Rounds: 1
Converts to: N/A
Slot: Sidearm ammo
Used in: M16A2 M203, M4A1 Holo
Req. slots: 1
"Type: Flare
Rounds: 1
Used in: M203 grenade launcher
— In-game description

The M203 Flare Green is a 40mm grenade launched flare that is used to illuminate a target with a bright burst of green light in DayZ.

The M203 Flare Green is launched from an M203 grenade launcher attachment on an assault rifle, such as the M16A2 M203 or M4A1 Holo.

The M203 Flare Green is an uncommon grenade that has a 1.96% chance of spawning in any loot spawn including Residential, Industrial, Farm and Military, as well as special loot spawns such as Supermarkets, Churches and Deer Stands, but not Hospitals.

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