The M24 found in DayZ
Damage: 8000 Blood
Raw Damage: 12
Audible Range: 180m
Effective Range: 800m
Rounds: 5
Fire Modes: Single
Slot: Primary
Magazines: 5Rnd. M24
"Sniper rifle
Caliber: 7.62x51mm NATO
— In-game description

The M24 is a sniper rifle that uses five round 7.62×51mm M24 cartridges in DayZ.

The M24 is a military and LE version of the Remington 700 hunting rifle. M24 being the model name assigned. It has a maximum effective range of 800 meters, and is very accurate.

Similarly to the SVD Camo's range-finding reticle, although less intuitive, the mil-dots in the M24's scope can be used to estimate the distance from a target. This allows the player to zero the rifle with little difficulty.

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