The MP5SD6 found in DayZ.
Damage: 889 Blood
Raw Damage: 4
Effective Range: 100m
Rounds: 30
Fire Modes: Single, burst, full auto
Slot: Primary weapon
Magazines: MP5SD Mag., M9SD Mag.
"Silenced Submachine gun
Caliber: 9x19mm
— In-game description

The MP5SD6 is a suppressed submachine gun that takes thirty 9×19mm cartridges in a MP5SD Mag., M9SD Mag. in DayZ.

The noise the MP5SD6 produces when fired is barely audible, even by the player while shooting it. The low noise and relatively common magazines compared to the other silenced guns allows this weapon to be one of the best choices for stealthy close quarters combat.

The main downsides of this gun are its lack of damage, the poor visibility when aiming down its iron sights, which can be difficult to use for some players, and the low accuracy at long ranges.

The MP5SD6 accepts M9SD Mag., which are carried in the sidearm ammunition slots, freeing up space in the main inventory, but limit the magazine to fifteen rounds. The unsuppressed version can also use the other 9×19mm pistol magazines.

The MP5SD6 spawns in most military buildings, with the notable exception of the northwest airfield barracks. Its spawn chance is half of its unsuppressed variant, the MP5A5. Ammunition has a chance to spawn in most loot locations, with the highest chance being in Military spawns.


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