(Last updated: 27 November 2013)

*NEW* Wiki Theme Design and Promotion *NEW*

Hello everyone! Here's the latest news.

We have recently changed the design of the wiki. By now you would have noticed the new background graphic that appears on all pages on the wiki. We have also successfully begun promoting the wiki on Wikia. If you didn't already know, this wiki is affiliated with the DayZ Standalone Wiki.

Category Project

Recently we have started a new project that consists of adding all pages to their appropriate categories, this should add to the overall organization of the wiki. If you happen to see a page that isn't categorized or is missing one of its categories please add the correct categories to that page.

DayZ Update 1.8

Now that update 1.8 has been released, you can expect to see many more articles and images on this site about the new features and items that have been added and updated.

Vehicle Overhaul Project

A new project has begun that aims to set a high standard for all vehicle pages on this wiki.

Important Wiki Pages

The Manual of Style and Rules are two important pages you may want to read before you edit. They will help you create high-quality articles, and let you know what you should and should not do on the wiki.

Page Revisions

The Weapons pages are currently in the progress of being updated. Go check out the improved pages and help out with the editing.

The Ammunition pages will be updated soon. The Vehicles page has been updated, but more pages are required for each vehicle.

Audio Files Needed

We are currently looking for audio samples of weapons firing, reloading, vehicle engines idling, starting, stopping, and zombie sounds to add to articles. The M16A4 ACOG page has an example of a sound clip of the gun firing.

You can capture audio by recording the sounds in ArmA 2 editor with a program such as FRAPS, then removing the video and rendering the audio in a video editing program.

Please upload sound files in the ".ogg" format at Upload. Contact an administrator if you need help or have any questions. High-quality audio samples without background noise are the most desirable.

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