Mogilevka Aerial

Mogilevka viewed from the south.

Mogilevka (Cyrillic: могилевка) is an inland town in Chernarus that is far north of Prigorodky, east of Nadezhdino and south-east of Vyshnoye.

The town of Mogilevka is in close proximity to the castle ruins of Zub and Little Hill over looks the town to the west.

The town has several Residential and some Industrial loot spawns, a large Farm spawn, a Water Pump, a non-enterable Church and an Old Hatchback car spawn.

A main road cuts through the town and heads north, eventually reaching Stary Sobor and east then south, eventually reaching Topolka Dam. A road heads south out of the town to Vysota and connects to a main road just north of Chernogorsk. Another road heads north-west out of the town to Vyshnoye.

Places of interestEdit

  • Church (cannot be entered) at the west side of the town
  • Water Pump just north-west of the main road-dirt road intersection
  • Two medium Residential buildings in the center
  • Medium Industrial and Farm buildings to the east of the town
  • Old Hatchback car spawn just north of the Church
  • Pond for refilling Water Bottles to the south-east of the town, just north of the main road

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