Msta - Aerial - Viewed from north-east

Msta viewed from the north-east.

Msta (Cyrillic: Мста) is a small inland village in Chernarus that is south of Dolina, east of Staroye and far north of Rog Castle.

Pustoy Khrebet hill is just to the north-west of Msta and Three Valleys to the far west.

The small village of Msta has several low yield Residential and Industrial loot spawns. There is also a Water Pump, a Deer Stand and an Offroad Pickup truck spawn.[1]

A dirt road heads west out of the village, connecting to a road at Three Valley then to the Chernarus main coastal highway. Another dirt road heads north then west to Staroye, and another dirt road heads south then west to the same place. The last dirt road heads south eventually reaching Elektrozavodsk but not before going past Rog Castle.

Places of interestEdit

  • A Deer Stand just to the north of the village at grid coordinates 112 097.
  • A Water Pump in the center of the village.
  • An Offroad Pickup truck spawn just to the south of the above.
  • A medium yield Farm loot spawn to the east of the village at grid coordinates 115 098.
  • A Deer Stand to the south at grid coordinates 114 102.

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