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Nizhnoye viewed from the east.

Nizhnoye (Cyrillic: Нижнее) is a coastal town in Chernarus that is south of Berezino, north-east of Orlovets and north of Solnichniy. The town is located at grid coordinates 129 072.

The town of Nizhnoye has several Residential, Industrial and Farm loot spawns, two Fuel Tanks and a Small Boat spawn.[1]

The coastal highway of Chernarus and a rail line pass through the town heading north to the city of Berezino and south to Solnichniy. A dirt track exits north of the town and ends close to Berezino. The town is next to Bay Nizhnaya.

Places of interestEdit

  • A medium yield Farm loot spawn and a Fuel Tank near the railway line.
  • A Fuel Tank and a Small Boat spawn at the harbour by the water.
  • A medium yield Industrial loot spawn to the south-west side of the town.


  • The Russian to English translation of 'Нижнее' is 'bottom.'[2]

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