Old Hatchback
Old-Hatchback Exterior DayZ-Wiki
The Old Hatchback found in DayZ.
Seats: 4
Item Slots: 50
Weapon Slots: 10
Backpack Slots: 2
Top Speed On-road: 103-114 km/h
Top Speed Off-road: 25 km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity: 50 Liters
Armament: None
Rarity: Two per server

The Old Hatchback is a civilian car found in DayZ.

The Old Hatchback has a maximum on-road speed of 103 kilometers per hour. The maximum off-road speed of 25 kilometers per hour on normal terrain (grass/field).

Its fuel tank capacity is 50 liters - equal to two-and-a-half Jerry Can (20L)s or ten Fuelcan (5L)s. The hatchback has very good fuel mileage.

The Old Hatchback has a seating capacity of four players, and has space for fifty items, ten weapons and two backpacks.

As it is a civilian vehicle, it lacks any armament and has minimal armor.

The Old Hatchback has two spawn locations in Chernarus. These are:

  • One at grid coordinates 019 061, near a house to the south-west of Lopatino
  • One at grid coordinates 074 101, near the Church in Mogilevka.

Real lifeEdit

The Old Hatchback (Real name: Volkswagen passat B2) is a car made by the brand Volkswagen between the years 1981 to 1988 and is still produced in some countries. The model featured in DayZ is the B2 hatchback model with the facelifted front, which means that the Old Hatchback was made after 1985.


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