Olsha Aerial

Olsha viewed from the south.

Olsha (Cyrillic: Ольша) is a small inland village in Chernarus that is east of Olsha hill, Krasnostav Airstrip and Krasnostav, and north of Blunt Rocks, Black Lake and Willow Lake.

The village of Olsha has several Residential, Industrial and some Farm low yield loot spawns close together. There is a Small Boat spawn to the far east of the village at gird coordinates 144 024. A UAZ car spawn is to the far south of the village at grid coordinates 132 031.

The road out of the village heads south-west then west to Krasnostav. A turn off on this road heads north onto a dirt road that heads to the Airstrip and top of Olsha hill.

Places of interestEdit

  • None

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