PBX DayZ-Wiki
The PBX found in DayZ.
Seats: 4
Item Slots: 50
Weapon Slots: 8
Backpack Slots: 5
Top Speed On-road: 85 km/h
Top Speed Off-road: 71 km/h
Fuel Tank Capacity: 100 Liters
Armament: None
Rarity: 1 per server

The PBX is a small, inflatable boat and is the fastest naval vehicle in DayZ.

The PBX has a maximum speed of 85 kilometers per hour with turbo (sprint) (Default: E).

Its fuel tank capacity is 100 liters - equal to five Jerry Can (20L)s or twenty Fuelcan (5L)s. A full tank of fuel will give the boat a range of 90 kilometers without using turbo, or 40 kilometers using turbo.

The PBX has a seating capacity of four players. It has cargo space for fifty items, eight weapons and five backpacks.

The PBX lacks any armament to defend itself. It is a rare vehicle spawn.

Real lifeEdit

The PBX is a type of Combat Rubber Raiding Craft. They are specially fabricated rubber inflatable boats that are used to covertly insert raiding teams onto beaches, piers, offshore facilities and larger vessels.

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