Pik Kozlova - Aerial Close

Pik Kozlova viewed from the south-east.

Pik Kozlova (Cyrillic: Пик Козлова) is a hill in Chernarus that is north-west of Elektrozavodsk, south of Pusta and east of Chernogorsk and Prigorodky.

Pik Kozlova has two ATV spawn locations at the top of the hill. There are several low yield Industrial loot spawns to the north under the power lines.[1]

Pik Kozlova has an elevation of 226 meters above sea level.[1] The Chernarus main coastal highway and a railway line pass Pik Kozlova, heading east and west towards the two major coastal cities.

Places of interestEdit

Players may be interested in the:

  • Two ATV spawn locations at the top of the hill at grid coordinates 089 125.

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