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Pogorevka viewed from the south-east.

Pogorevka (Cyrillic: Погоревка) is an inland town in Chernarus that is just south-west of Rogovo, north-north-west of Pulkovo and north-east of Green Mountain. It is located at grid coordinates 044 089.

The town of Pogorevka has several Residential and Industrial loot spawns, a large enterable Church and a Water Pump. Two Deer Stands are located to the east of the town near the power lines. Rogovo has several more loot spawns just to the north.

A main road passes through the town that heads north past Rogovo, and south then west to Zelenogorsk. A road heads north-west out of the town and eventually connects up to Pustoshka and another road heads south to Pulkovo.

Places of interestEdit

  • A medium yield Residential and Industrial spawn can be found near the center of the town.
  • A Church just to the south-east side of the town.
  • A Water Pump is location to the most south-eastern side of the town, south of the gas station between three houses.
  • Two Deer Stands to the east at grid coordinates 049 089 and 050 090.

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