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Pulkovo viewed from the north-west

Pulkovo (Cyrillic: Пулково) is a small inland village in Chernarus that is south-south-east of Pogorevka and north-east of Kozlovka.

The village is located at grid coordinates 049 097. Kustryk hill is to the south of Pulkovo.

The village of Pulkovo has a few Residential and Industrial loot spawns. A medium yield Industrial spawn and other loot spawns can be found to the east of the village at the end of the dirt track.

A short dirt track connects the residential area to the industrial area. Two roads head north and east out of the village. The first road stops at the eastern side of Pogorevka and the second road connects to a main road that leads to Zelenogorsk.

Place of interestEdit

  • A medium yield Industrial loot spawn to the east of the village at the end of the dirt track.

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