Road Flare
Road Flare
The Road Flare found in DayZ
Slot: Main inventory
Lifetime: 5 minutes
"Hand operated flare commonly found in roadside emergency kits. Will burn for approximately five minutes."
— In-game description

The Road Flare is an extremely bright light source that can be found all over Chernarus in DayZ.

Road Flares can attract zombies from large distances. Players can also see the light from a flare from far away.

Road Flares last for approximately five minutes and can be picked up by the player to be used as a portable light source.

Road Flares are found in stacks of ten and have a 7.00% chance of spawning in Residential, Industrial, Farm and Military loot spawns including Supermarkets, but not Deer Stands.

An additional use for Road Flares is countering players using NV Goggles. Any source of bright light can temporarily blind someone using night vision goggles. Since road flares are so bright, they can instantly blind any night vision user, with the effect persisting even after the NV Goggles are removed.

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