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Shakhovka viewed from the north.

Shakhovka (Cyrillic: Шаховка) is a small inland village in Chernarus that is north of Staroye, east of Guglovo and far west of Dolina. The village is located at grid coordinates 096 088.

The small village of Shakhovka has a few low yield Residential and Industrial loot spawns, and a Sedan car spawn.

Pass Oreshka and Baranchik hill are to the south and south-east of Shakhovka. Black Forest is to the far north-north-west.

A road passes through Shakhovka heading north leading to a dirt track, dirt road and further along another road that heads south-east to Dolina and north to Polana.

Heading south of Shakhovka the road leads to a main road at Pass Oreshka and south to Staroye or west then north-west to Guglovo.

Place of interestEdit

  • A Sedan spawn to the eastern side of the village.

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